on the site of the Hoekzema family. We are living in Winsum-Obergum in the Netherlands
We have made this site for a number of reasons.

In the first place as a result of our investigations to our roots.
Under 'Genealogy' you find the names which are known at this moment. With thanks to Paul Hart and Molly Hoekzema for the translation.
It should be nice if you have more information about our roots.
A lot of our family is living in the Netherlands and North America and some in Australië.
When you do have some more information, please send it to us.

Second: we like to show some paintings and drawings of Kornelis Hoekzema.

The third reason is to show something of the affords of my daughter and son in law: Annamarieke en Douwe working for Tearfund (UK) in Afghanistan.

The rest of the site is written in Dutch. We apologize for this inconvience, but that's the result of living our whole life in the Netherlands and a lack of time.
Under 'Paintings' you can find some examples of the painting and drawings of my father Kornelis Hoekzema.
Under 'Biography' you find a summery of the life of Kornelis Hoekzema.

Jaap Hoekzema

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